VICE HBO | Season 4

Winner of the 2014 Emmy® for Outstanding Informational Series or Special, HBO's VICE returns for its fourth season, with 18 new editions hosted by Shane Smith: co-founder of the taboo-breaking multimedia company VICE. Colored at dB by Jeff Sousa. 



Shot and colored by Ian Bloom. In this modern-day vision of Mother Mary’s pilgrimage, a woman crosses the scorched landscape of the American Southwest. The film playfully deconstructs the role of this woman, existing in a world full of identities, through encounters that are alternately terrifying and sublime. MA is a journey into the visceral and the surreal, interweaving ritual, performance, and the body as sculpture.

Une danse des bouffons | Short Film

The newest film by Marcel Dzama, "Une danse des bouffons (or A jester's dance)," had its American debut at David Zwirner (NYC) through October.

"Une danse des bouffons" was color corrected by Ian Bloom at Dungeon Beach.

“Conqueror” by Estelle | Music Video

Shot and graded by Dungeon Beach's Ian Bloom.



Santera | Commercial

Working closely with Exposure Media the dB crew recently sound designed, colored and mixed this upcoming campaign. Coming this year.

Green Porno Live | Documentary 

Based on her wildly popular series of short films Green Porno, Seduce Me and Mammas, Green Porno Live! is a 60-minute performance film that examines the quirky and fascinating mating habits of animals and marine life. Ms. Rossellini puts a unique comedic spin on the subject, fearlessly donning zany costumes to illustrate a whole new way to look at sex…as Nature intended! 

Rebel Music | MTV series

Peer into social issues around the world through the eyes of the musicians living it. Colored by Jeff Sousa, "Rebel Music" takes you through Mali, India, Israel/Palistine, Mexico, Afghanistan and Egypt looking for what comes next.

Museum of Natural History

Ian Bloom helped color and finish this film for the Hayden Planetarium in Manhattan. The film features Neil deGrass-Tyson preparing you for your journey into the Planetarium and will.

Cold Comes The Night | 2014 Release

Colored by | Color Collective

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A Woman, A Part | 2016 Release Rotterdam

Colored by | Jeff Sousa 

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Kumiko | Sundance 2014

Colored by | Color Collective

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Camp X-Ray | Sundance 2014

Colored by | Color Collective

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